Privacy Policy

Discovering Space Privacy Policy:

Discovering Space does not currently collect any data, personal or otherwise.
It is possible that in the future, data logging may be enabled to capture the following …
  1. The app being played, and the app’s version number.
  2. The operating system and operating system version number (e.g., Windows 10).
  3. The name/spec of the hardware used, if any (e.g., NVidia GTX 1080).
  4. The number of times the app has been played on that device.
  5. The duration of each playtime.
  6. Flight paths
  7. Locations at which events occur (such as where photos are taken)

What will NOT be collected:

  1. No user-identifiable information.
  2. No IP address..

How is this data collected:

  1. A lightweight encrypted data transmission at startup, if the internet is accessible.
  2. A lightweight encrypted data transmission when using the app, if the internet is accessible.

How is this data stored:

  1. All data is stored in a secure database that no one but DiscoveringVR has access to.

How will the data be used:

  1. All collected data will be used to gain visibility into how the app is played in order to improve it.

Who will be able to access this data:

  1. Only DiscoveringVR.
  2. There may be a time in the future when aggregate statistics are published so that the VR community can benefit from it.  ie “Most popular places” or “Favourite places to take pictures”